Product Description

New York State Statewide Criminal History Record Search provides data from the N.Y.S. Office of Court Administration (OCA).  The search criteria is strictly based on exact match of Name and DOB (variations of Name or DOB are not reported.)

The search results are public records relating to open/pending and convictions of criminal (felony and misdemeanor) cases originating from County/Supreme, City, Town and Village courts of all 62 counties. Sealed records are not disclosed.  As of July 20, 2007, data relating to noncriminal offenses (e.g., violations, infractions) no longer appear as part of the CHRS Report. Cases processed in Town/Village Courts from 1991 to 2002 are not part of the N.Y.S. Office of Court Administration’s criminal disposition database.  Data is generally available since 1990.  Within New York City , cases are updated approximately every 24 hours and outside N.Y.C. an average of once a week.